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מקבץ פוסטים שפורסמו במקור ב-Animal Rights in Israel (דף פייסבוק, כיום For Anonymous Animals, בבעלות עמותת אנונימוס).


"If I could sell you here and make money, I would"

Marking the World Day Against Foie Gras, Anonymous for Animal Rights activists visited a Tel-Aviv restaurant that serves foie gras. The activists projected a video documentation of force-feeding right at the outside wall of the restaurant, in an attempt to educate the public about what they might order.

The restaurant's staff was quick to come out and try to get rid of the business disruption. Our activist explained about torture, and two of the restaurant's staff replied that they do not care about the birds ("what am I, father of the geese?") and a third one tried to shift the blame to the foie gras producers abroad. As you can see in the video (in Hebrew) there were also some shouting and pushing.

The video concludes with the foie gras seller presenting his philosophy loud and clear: "If I could sell you here and make money, I would sell you!"


Sharon's animal industries car

There are numerous ways to speak for the animals, although most of them just haven't yet crossed our minds. Not all methods fit everyone, but any caring person can find ways to promote a change towards a more animal-respectful society.

Sharon Cohen found a way to turn her car into a mobile educational tool. The project started after she looked for non-leather shoes, and had to cope with much misunderstanding, ignorance and refusal to hear the facts as she tried to explain her choice to avoid leather. Frustrated, she came up with the idea of using her car for conveying the message and reveal what animals go through in the animal industries. Anonymous for Animal Rights supplied the images (most of them photographed by our investigations team).

Now Israeli drivers will see not only deceptive animal product advertisements, but also one vehicle (for the time being) that presents authentic images from hatcheries and farms.

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Israel's animal advocates — the next generation!

Last Saturday, nine years old Aviv and Shahar, students at Gordon School in Kiryat Hayim (near Haifa at the country's north) produced a large-scale event under the title "Kids for Animals" (also the title seen on the sign). They have recruited dozens of kids of all age group, and together they opened stands at the local park and sold books, toys, sweets, decorative objects, housewares, etc.

Hundreds of kids and their parents attended, and over 6,000 shekels (1,700 US dollars) were collected. All the money was donated to four animal protection organizations.

Congratulations to the adorable and remarkable kids, who prove that you're never too young to initiate, contribute and make a difference!

The story appeared on Photo: Offer Golan.


The chicken who teaches compassion

Back in mid-June, activists rescued 24 chicks from a trash container at Nordia hatchery. One of the survivors, Frochi, was adopted in a Tel-Aviv apartment, and her story has attracted much attention (including posts in this page). Now Frochi's role as an ambassador of the meat industry's victims reaches a new level. A teacher at the Experimental School in Jerusalem presented Frochi's story to 2nd-6th grade students. In response, they wrote dozens of letters to Frochi and to Karin and Maria who adopted her. The letters imply that the personal story of one cute, rescued chicken is an effective and appropriate way to talk with small children about the meat industry.

Some letters for example:

"To Frochi, according to the videos I've seen you are really cute, you are somewhat like my new cat Bo, she also thinks that she's the boss and she also wants to go out to nature. May you have a good life, from Ron."

"To Karin and Maria, I think that saving the chicks was good and important and Frochi you're one hell of a guy. Saving animals in general is very important and even if you don't get money for it it's very nice. And I learned that animals such as cows and chickens don't really live well. Keep on saving animals."

"Frochi the chick is very cute and I'm very glad that you saved Frochi and his brothers and sisters. You are really cool saving the animals. I wish I were like that. Mia."

Notably, the formal education system in Israel ignores animal rights. Nevertheless, it is open to several informal pro-animal projects. Since 2004, Anonymous for Animal Rights is giving lectures on animal rights in schools, with an emphasis on farmed animals. Over the last 3 years, 80,000 7th-12th grade students attended these lectures. A program for elementary schools is also available for teachers who initiate teaching on animal rights; about 1,500 of these programs have been ordered by now.

To Frochi's page


One of every two Israeli consumers cares about harmed animals

An October 2013 poll by the statistics company Midgam SI reveals how Israelis perceive their own attitude to the harm endured by animals during the production of consumer goods.

55.2% of the respondents agree with the claim "I try to abstain from products whose production harms animals."

45.6% of the respondents say that when shopping they consider whether the manufacturing of products harms animals.

48-59% of the secular respondents take animal welfare into consideration, compared to 34-37% of the religious respondents.

These results, exposed on the 12 December edition of Calcalist, do not reveal much about actual purchasing habits. There are no updated statistics on vegans in Israel, yet it is obvious that most of the self-proclaimed caring consumers do consume animal products.

The results of the poll imply, however, a potential for changing purchasing habits once the harm to animals is exposed to consumers and acknowledged by them. About half of the Israeli population may be open to change in response to exposures, while the other half still needs more comprehensive education.